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GenXVoIP, official sponsor of TibiNews Februarie 22, 2007

Posted by tibinews in Sponsori.


• Our engineers have over 20 years of experience covering the entire range of IT services, with background from consulting services to managing and integrating teams of dedicated engineers to provide technical solutions in various size corporations in Romania, Italy and USA.

Our target at GenXVoIP is to provide best-in-class IT services to small and medium businesses in New York and New Jersey. Since 2005, GenXVoIP has grown to offer more than just computer service. Today, not only we continue to offer outsourced IT services but we have added  LAN/WAN design and implementation services to our offerings, as well as a state of the art GenXVoIP IP PBX Telephony product.

• All our services are competitively priced, making outsourcing your technology needs to us very affordable. Your company will recognize the cost benefit of not having to employ a full-time resource, and will receive the services of an entire group of talented individuals, with a very broad technical skill set.

GenXVoIP Technologies LLC

New York, NY

Phone: 1-718-775-3838, www.GenXVoIP.com

Sales@GenXVoIP.com , Support@GenXVoIP.com



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